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11 10 2018 to 21/10/2018


milk as a medium and as a model intelligent economy / exhibition, talks & performance

TAF / the art foundation happily presents the MILK PROJECT: AMALTHEIA which opens on Thursday October 11, 2018 at 20.00 and will run until October 21.

The project constitutes an initiative by Irini Athanassakis, approching milk as a medium and as a model. It consists of an exhibition, talks and a performance that will take place in the exhibition space of TAF.

So, at the beginning, there was milk. Because when life is given, a gift, receiving an additional offering becomes vital: (breast) milk. Milk, whether it is a given or not, is produced to be given and taken, greedily sucked, in fact. Not only is breast milk’s unique and partially undetermined, irreproducible and constantly changing composition the perfect nutrition for newborns, it is also the only suitable nutrition and experts consider it to be the gold standard of human nutrition. Its sole purpose is to be given and, once taken, to enable the life, growth and happiness of the new(born). The giving of (breast) milk is central to the phenomenon of bonding, and consequently to the formation of the ego and the Other. The Milk Model can be considered as a particular example of exchange of bodily fluids that could serve as a model for intelligent economics to come.

The exhibition brings together sculptural works, installations, sound pieces and films. In addition, it features drawings and mixed media pieces produced by female artists, curators and art theorists with breast milk drops,  as well as the work of Irini Athanassakis titled  “Milk. The Given. To Be Given». Passagen Verlag, Vienna 2018.

 On the opening day, there will be an open discussion with Lida Anagnostaki (Prof. for Infant Psychoanalysis with specialization in Psychodynamic Theories), Elpida Karaba (art theorist & independent curator), Rozita Spinassa (writer of ‘Stomastomasto’) and Irini Athanassakis (Editor MILK and writer “The Milk Manifesto: The Given. To Be Given”). The panel discussion will be followed by a MILK performance with the participation of the audience.

Conceived by: Irini Athanassakis

Curated by: Irini Athanassakis & Ira Spagadorou

Designed by: Ira Spagadorou

With the contributions of Sotiria Antonopoulou, Dana Papachristou, KEOS CULTURE and the support of TAF/ the art foundation. MILK Book designed by Nik Thoenen and translated by Tessa Stevenson. Texts by Elisabeth von Samsonow, Antonio Lucci, Thomas Macho, Marcus Steinweg, Eva Laquièze-Waniek, Ernst Strouhal, Heinz Stahlhut. MILK Manifesto in collaboration with Anna Godfrey.

Opening: Thursday 11 October 2018, 20.00

Duration: 11-21.10.2018

Gallery hours: Monday-Saturday 12.00-21.00, Sunday 12.00-19.00

Address: 5 Normanou str, 105 55 Athens

Free admission