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15 09 2018 to 15/9/2018

Body of Words - Nature Sound Language

Workshop / on sound perception, writing & language

Body of words / 15.09.2018

TAF / the art foundation in collaboration with Labirinto: Culture e Civilta' Mediterranee organise the workshop ‘Body of Words’  on Saturday the 15th of September 2018.

The intercultural and interdisciplinary workshop ‘Body of words’ that started in 2016 at Alex Mylonas Museum- Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art launches a supplementary section that is devoted to sound perception, writing and language.

The project approaches human language through its individual components; as symbolic meaning and sound material. In this light, we will try to separate speech from its articulated meanings in order to find out the sensory context of the sound fact as a pre-articulated language. Examining the dynamics of acoustic experience, we will attempt to connect language with soundscape in order to document our personal testimonies, thoughts and attitudes using the sound materials of the environment. Then, we will compare examples of acoustic and harmony distortions from music performances, causing readers and auditors to feel awkward in front of a language and a meaning they cannot decode. Finally, we will study the vocalization of phonemes as caused by the vibrations of the body with the intention to examine the materiality of the language at the early stages of human communication.



11:00-13:30:  sounds and words, writing with sound

Sound artists and researchers Dana Papahristou and Giorgos Samantas from Akoo-o collective. The coordinators will propose a basic toolbox for the advancement of active listening and will work together on a variety of practices of sound interaction with the surrounding space. The participants will create their own sound archives in the form of a personal narration created by sounds.

14:45’- 15:00’ break

15:10’- 16:10’: The corporeal language, the vibrations of words

The tecnnique of phonetic placement will be taught by mezzo soprano, Μargarita Syggeniotou so that we can comprehend the vibrations of oral cavity, diaphragm, larynx and the entire body during the production of phonemes. The aim is to understand the role of the body as a loudspeaker for producing the language before the vocalisation of words and notions. 

For information and regsitrations:, Workshop materials are included in the fee.

Coordinator: Georgia Tsouderou [Labirinto/Mediterranee]

Tutors: Dana Papachristou / Giorgos Samantas & Margarita Syggeniotou

Saturday 15 September 2018, 11.00

Fee: 25 € ( 20€ student discount)

Address: Νormanou 5, 105 55 Monastiraki

 ‘Labirinto: Culture e Civiltà Mediterranee’ was founded in 2016 to promote cultural and educational activities among institutions and creative collectives in Greece and Italy.