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07 12 2017 to 13/1/2018

Common Ground

The artists through the immediate coexistence and juxtaposition of their works in their shared studio, create a meaningful and natural space of dialogue and proposals. After having all attended the School of Marble Sculpture in Tinos, and then the Athens School of Fine Arts, the group of students went off to share a common studio. The exhibition «Common Ground» reveals the common origins and influences of the artists, as well as their different artistic personalities.

Christos Bligianos is inspired by the human form and objects, which determine the size and morphology of his compositions. The validity of the form in its multiple versions and meanings are in constant interaction during the artistic process.

The main expressive mediums used by Giorgos Palamaris is sculpture, installations and performances, drawing his visual vocabulary through abandoned spaces, ruins and traces of human presence and activity.

Ilias Sipsas’ artistic work is based on a range of expressive practices and is branched into a continuous dialogue between matter, medium and process in a perpetual effort to deliver coherent forms between heterogeneous plastic elements.

Through his work Vangelis Chatzis creates his own utopian and concrete spaces. Confronted by different idioms and types of art, the artist attempts to show the vulnerable but also the beauty of life that is hidden even in its most ugly manifestation.

Kappatos Gallery
12, Athinas Str., 10551 Athens

tags: performance / sculpture