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26 09 2017 to 29/9/2017

Ost End

Presentation of poetry collection

T.A.F. / The Art Foundation hosts the presentation of the book Ost End by Eleni Galani on Tuesday September 26th 2017 at 19.30.

Ost End> Ostend is the name of a city, real or imaginary.

It is also the title of the third collection of poems by Eleni Galani, a book that attempts to explore issues related to identity, memory, constant movement, the concept of homeland, as well as the nostalgia for its loss.

The city of Ostend on the Belgian coast of the North Sea has long served as a transit port to England and a point of access to the sea for submarines and other naval forces during the First World War. Shortly before World War II, it was a shelter for writers, intellectuals, authors, who came here in an effort to stay away of the rise of Nazism. Today it remains a popular resort at the North Sea, but has, to a large extent, lost its old glory.

The presentation of the book will take place at the gallery of TAF and will include photos from five different points in a corresponding number of European cities (Mytilene / Sarlitza Palace Hotel), Berlin (Friedrichstraße Metro Station), Rügen (the Prora Resort, built by the Nazi shortly before WWII), Frankfurt (the Aurora factory on the eastern border with Offenbach), and Ostend (the large promenade known as Albert Promenade). These parts have as a common feature that they are (or have been in the past) transit points and borders between two worlds and are located at the eastern end of a route.

The event will also feature a video, an installation and the handwritten notebook / travel journals of the poet.

 What is Ostend (Ost + End)? It signifies the "end" (the second part of the word) a boundary that leads to a pass - and eventually to a new beginning - or is the limit (literal or metaphorical) to a dead end?

The answer lies within us.

Opening & book presentation: Tuesday September 26th 2017, 19.30

Duration of exhibition: 26 - 28.09.2017

Opening hours: 12:00 - 21:00

Address: 5, Normanou St., Monastiraki

Free admission

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