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The curatorial team of TAF / The Art Foundation receives and evaluates applications for CTRL+T throughout the year. The CTRL+T program was launched in December 2011 in collaboration with METASITU.

The program is an initiative aimed at mobilising emerging local and international artists to deploy their artistic practice and develop work in progress. Throughout the year and for a specific period, different artists are given control of TAF exhibition space and social media, in order to elaborate upon the concept of CTRL+T with absolute freedom in terms of research methodology and artistic means. TAF offers the space for the realization of the project, taking on the communication through its channels, as well providing basic technical equipment.

The title ‘CTRL+T’ reflects the semiotics of the institutional space where it is developed as well as the socio-cultural context in which it operates: “Τ» (pronounced taf) is a letter in the Greek alphabet, but also the name of the organisation TAF. CTRL+T denotes a statement, an action inspired by the transform command in the Adobe set and, while simultaneously being the command to open a new tab on a browser.

CTRL+T program constitutes a platform for artists and researchers to work during the period of time with social turmoil and cultural transitions that constantly trigger new concerns in the field of cultural production.

Belgian artist Elien Ronse was the first participant of the program, responding to the idea of space transformation / use. Since then, various artists individually or collectively have participated; Therese Steele (London), ARHI.TEK & Privateprint (Skopje), the collective Declinación Magnética –with the involvement of  Julia Morandeira, Sally Gutiérrez and Juan Guardiola- (Madrid),  Driewieler Collectief (Amsterdam) and Marcin Knyziak (Glaskow).

Elien Ronse

Elien Ronse

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