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27 08 2017 to 27/8/2017

Sound Walk Sunday

Sunday 27 August is the inaugural Sound Walk Sunday, worldwide inaugurated from Made of Walking in La Romieu in collaboration with Andrew Stuck - the Museum of Walking, and we want to hear from you of suggestions for audio, geo-located, immersive performance or sound walks as we want to build up a directory and map in time for Sound Walk Sunday. Read more below and suggest a walking piece and find out how you can contribute.


We are researching artists, performers and producers who have created audio walking pieces of their own. Even if it is past and all that's left is an archived piece - we are hoping too that there may be current work that could be tried out by the public on Sound Walk Sunday.

We have set up a simple form into which various details can be included and it would be great if you could contribute to this - you will find it here:


Is there budget, time or effort capacity within your networks that we could tap into in the weeks coming up to the 27 August? Could we be invited on to a show to talk about / or write copy for a blog / column describing what we are trying to achieve? Contact us here. We are drawing on volunteer support at the present time. In due course we would like to have a mechanism to crowd source examples of "walking pieces" from around the globe.


Ten years ago when Web 2.0 and geo-located pieces were "new media", networks / forums of producers and artists evolved and may have created directories or maps, but now it's mainstream and no longer 'new' media and the initial surge for cataloging has diminished. 

Today little appears to be mapped and yet it is more easily created than ever - Sound Walk Sunday could be seen as nostalgic, but we think it could - with the right ingredients, including yourself and others - offer a popular platform for digitally enhanced walking experiences.


So we have designated Sunday 27 August as Sound Walk Sunday and we are on the look out for audio-enhanced 'walking pieces' or listening walks so as to create a directory and map - would you know whether anyone has ventured down this path of mapping such work before? or whether there is a bibliography or directory of 'walking pieces' on which we can draw? If you do contact us here.