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06 04 2017 to 23/4/2017

14th District

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14 District

An Athenian district in Ukraine / The exhibition

T.A.F. / The Art Foundation happily presents the exhibition 14th District, opening on Thursday 6 April 2017 at 20.30 and running until 23 April.

The exhibition presents the processual development of a collaborative project between Teta Tsybulnyk from the 86 Film Festival and METASITU from T.A.F.

The 14th District will be a spatial intervention inspired by the city of Athens and reflecting on the notion of 'district'. It will be planned and conceptualized by a core team of locals in Ukraine's youngest town Slavutych.

Slavutych was built in the aftermath of the explosion of the fourth reactor at Chernobyl Power Plant in 1986, in order to relocate the workers and their families. The town is comprised of 13 districts that each represent architectural qualities of different soviet cities - Baku, Tbilisi, Yerevan,Vilnius, Tallinn, Riga, Kyiv, Belgorod, Moscow and Leningrad – who were also responsible to provide masterplaners, construction materials and masons to complete each of the neighborhoods. The whole city was built in 18 months. The Athenian district will be the 14th.

Athens and Slavutych are both situated in the borderlands, yet they are not peripheries, for it is in these regions that crucial issues are being dealt with, from political, to financial, to humanitarian crises. The idea of transposing design elements from the city of Athens to Slavutych therefore seemed to be an appropriate tool to imagine the future possibilities of this atomic city. The juxtaposition and embedding of these two contexts would trigger an enriching dialogue about architectural form and urban futures.

Exhibition curated by: METASITU, Ifigenia Papamikroulea and Christina Dilari

Visual novel: METASITU

Original drawings, photographs and thoughts: Rita Hasanova, Kateryna Shekhter, Dina Aleksashyna, Vadym Raksha, Sergii Rabchevskyi, Iryna Brokh, Teta Tsybulnyk, Anatolii Khoroshilov, Liva Dudareva, Eduardo Cassina


Edited by: Teta Tsybulnyk, Christina Dilari, Ljosha Chashchyn

Translations: Christina Dilari, Ifigenia Papamikroulea, Nicol Leventi, Teta Tsybulnyk, Iryna Brokh

Video: Rita Hasanova and Oleksandr Teliuk

Project Supported by MitOst Tandem Ukraine, Slavutych municipality, 86 and T.A.F



Exhibition opening: Thursday 6 April 2017, 20.30

Duration: 06-23.04.2017

Admission Free

Address: Normanou 5 , Athens 105 55 , Monastiraki

tags: exhibitions