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31 03 2017 to 2/4/2017

Identity Issues: Do you own the land or does the land own you?

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creative audience and local artists / come together in an abandoned building of cultural heritage

Communitism​ is an art project aiming to motivate community structures into activating abandoned cultural heritage buildings in Athens. We have designed a project consisting of three succeeding events, for three broad communities to interact: Creative audience, local artists and international artists.

Art is our means of communicating our ideas, since it is a common language of expression and it embraces opportunities of joint action. However, we consider the fact that we impose ourselves into the transforming process of participation, as an artistic act on its own.

“Communitism vol. II: Identity issues // Does the land own you or do you own the land?”​ , is our second event, through which creative audience and local artists are going to come together in an abandoned building of cultural heritage, located in the area of Metaxourgio.

Our method is to enable interactions through workshops that the artists will organize, since our approach to community building is that, through joint action and the goal of delivering an outcome in given time, we succeed to communicate, commit and bond. We are looking forward into observing the ways the building will affect the participants’behaviour and the artistic outcome, but also how the building will transform through the energy that they will bring.

As a theme for our event, we have set the search of positive traces in the progress that took place in the city and the society of Athens during the past century. We believe, that if we are going to proceed into forming a new system where communities will be the ones to form their environment, we should first focus on laying a healthy ground. We should move forward having in mind both our positive and negative traits. Given that focusing on the negative is the regular local attitude, we are moving in a complementary way, pointing out the positive.

We invited local artists* to bring in their inspiration and practices through an open call; together we designed a series of workshops that will take place in the period 20- 31/03. In each workshop, the artist will work along their creative audience*. The produced artwork will be presented in the building during the period 31/03-02/04.

*creative audience: people who are not necessarily artists but feel the need to express themselves

*local artist: artists who reside in Athens, regardless of their nationality

***Follow our venture at

Identity Issues | Communitism vol.2 | trailer from FLP Athens on Vimeo.

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tags: events