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23 12 2016 to 23/1/2017


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Escape moments / At an experiential installation

metamatic:taf is excited to host the project hYgge (hoo ga), which starts on Friday, 23 December 2016 and will last until 23 January 2017.

hYgge is an experiment on the archetype of rest

an exercise on the sigh• the yawn• the chug •

on sharing

hYgge refers to that process between “relaxing” and “resting”, between “letting go” and “clearing up”

To the pause between inhale and exhale, between acceptance and synchronization

hYgge is happening here and now

It is that ‘phew’

hygge is a Danish word (pronounced hoo ga). It is one of those words for which there is no single translation. For the Danish it is the synonym of a ritual of enjoying the moment, an experiential condition. It is an escape moment during the long winters while facing the cold and stress. Semantically the word encloses the concepts of prosperity, comfort, relaxation, warmth and companionship and much more. It is a state of mind and, above all, an experience.

Based on the notion of hYgge, the project constitutes an experiential installation in metamatic:taf gallery. The closed exhibition space is transformed for 30 days. The installation fills up the cold gallery space creating a multisensory experience of intimacy, where touch, image and sound work together. The floor is covered with white mattresses, converted to a unified soft surface, the light gets warm and the sound creates isolation.

A space where art is exhibited and enjoyed, frequently following the white cube aesthetics, forms a condition of un-intimacy for the non- initiated audience. hYgge is an installation that addresses mainly  the absence of one’s understanding, feeling and connecting to what is defined as contemporary art. The exhibition space here acquires a new use. It changes and invites visitors to spend time in it, so that they can feel that it belongs to them and that they are entitled to their presence there.

Program events:

- Wednesday 11 January 2017 18.00 | mindfulness meditation session with Myrto Legaki, long time meditator and Free Movement meditation facilitator

- Monday 16 January 2017 20.30 | performative act with the choreographer Caroline de Cornière ( ) a production of Flux Laboratory

- Monday 23 January 2017 | finissage

Duration: 23 December 2016 - 23 January 2017

Lightning design: Thalia Velegraki – Elina Sfountouri

Sound design: Niko Palamares, Vs_Srg

Conceived and curated by: Ifigenia Papamikroulea

Production: Flux Laboratory

(After the completion of the project, all mattresses will be donated to a charity selected by Flux Laboratory)

Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 12.00-21.00, Sun: 12.00 -19.00

Admission free

Address: Normanou 5 , Athens 105 55 , Monastiraki

tags: events