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05 12 2016 to 22/12/2016

The {e}scape Project

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metamatic:taf happily announces The {e}scape Project,  opening on Monday 5 December 2016 and running until 22 December.

*{e} scape



electronic, indicating the involvement of the internet


v. & n. Archaic Variant of escape


A scene; a view


New media and digital communication have a decisive impact on the concepts of time and space, and the way in which we perceive temporality, spatiality and mobility. In this contemporary digital condition the limits of 'here' and 'there', of 'present' and 'past', of 'public' and 'private' are challenged and reviewed. At the same time, new tools of geo-location, mapping and tracing of spatial movement raise concerns and questions about their use, and at the same time offer new potential to explore the limits of the body, the materiality and how both function socially.

metamatic: taf launches a new project for 2016 -2017 entitled {e} escape. {e} escape is an interactive, experiential project that aims to explore and discuss the relevance of technology, time and space. The project has a modular format and includes a series of different actions in content and duration in order to activate involvement from all participants and audience. In this context, artists, technologists, designers and developers are introduced through their work. Exhibitions, workshops, lectures, performances take place throughout the year and establish a direct co-creation platform with the people.

Coordination: Dana Papachristou.

Participating projects

5 – 11 December 2016

Installation Ephemeron //Phivos-Angelos Kollias

In the sound installation Ephemeron there are no pre-recorded sounds. A live music algorithm is constantly listening through microphones and interacting with each and every sound you produce, according to how it is programmed to behave in a given situation. The audience experiences this music organism in direct communication with it, feeding it with voice or body sounds. Also, the audience can experience Ephemeron through silent listening, where the work evolves musically by interacting by listening to space and to its own sound.

9 – 10 December 2016 17.00-20.00

Workshop Physical Computing and Data Sonification with Open Source Tools // Iannis Zannos

The workshop / seminar is aimed at those who want to experience the world of Open Source in order to develop artistic online works as interactive installations, or as live performances. Participants will have the opportunity to be introduced to the installation and use of Linux operating system on USB sticks and to Raspberry Pi. Moreover, participants will learn about  Arduino, for which they will work with JavaScript using node.js platform using the OSC protocol (Open Sound Control) for communication between online applications. They will use SuperCollider for interactive applications, JavaScript and node.js for image / text, as well as various libraries supported.No programming knowledge is required, only the will to get familiar with programming and to work within, and also curiosity and patience.


Laptop: windows pc (in this case bring along an empty usb stick 8 GB), linux or apple.Earphones

Optionally (for anyone who wants to experiment with physical computing): an arduino, and / or a Raspberry Pi 3, and optionally some sensors of your choice with breadboard.

11 December 2016 17.30-20.30

Workshop Introduction to Max for Live for interactuve music // Phivos-Angelos Kollias

Max for Live is a program for music creation that combines the intuitiveness and directness of Ableton Live with the flexibility and endless possibilities of Max. For that it is widely used by a large range of users involved with music, from commercial DJs to paranoid experimental musicians. Max for Live’s uses range from music composition, live electronic music, sound design, DJing and sound scientific research to audiovisual installations.

This workshop is an introduction to Max for Live and particularly to its possibilities of interactive music. The participants will start with the basic functions of Live: how we combine existing instruments and plugins to create original sounds. Then, they will get acquainted with Max programming: at this point, they will see how easily one can creates his/hers own programs (patches), adapting them to his/hers personal needs in order to fulfill even the wildest musical dreams. Finally, they will focus on the interactive capabilities of Max for Live: at this stage, they will use pre-existing tools of Max for Live where by modifying their code and by applying particular combinations, they will add interactive features in their music.

Required: Come with your laptop computer (MAC or Windows) and your headphones, having installed the free version of Max for Live:

The course will be introductory but will be adapted according to the needs of the participants. No need of prior experiences with the specific programs or with any programming skills in general.

Free admission - Please inform us in advance about your attendance due to restricted number of seats - First come first served.

12 - 22 December 2016

Exhibition - privacy sessions (2016-ongoing) & Installation - megastructures_beta version (2016) // Kyriaki Goni

privacy sessions (2016-ongoing)

digital prints, dimensions variable

Artist's whereabouts from previous year as stored in Google location history, build a number of unintentional diary entries, which are titled and mounted on billboards in the city. Remaining within the main focus of her artistic and research practice, the ongoing series Privacy Sessions, investigates the notions of privacy, memory, personal data and ownership, this time, by bringing the discussion in the urban landscape.

website of the work:

megastructures_beta version (2016)

interactive installation, dimensions variable , eternal loop

custom software, camera, screen, digital print floor sticker

The Cloud is identified in recent years with the Internet and vast amounts of data, with a new intangible environment defined by institutional and financial powers. Its disembodied character hides an infrastructure that defines the modern web, consisting of global Networks, premises, computing technology, algorithmic systems and technological interfaces.

The interactive installation megastructures beta_version stands as an arbitrary, poetic metaphor of the new conditions related to space, control, surveillance and connectivity, which emerge through the continuous development of technology and the Internet. A landscape, created from fragments of drawings, edited web images and code, is floating in the Cloud and reveals itself only under the persistent and intrusive gaze of the viewer. The boundaries between the observant and the observed prove to be vague and ever changing, like the ones between the digital and the physical space. The work demands the presence and the movement of the viewer in order to be activated and thus to reveal itself. The viewer is being tracked during the interaction and the tracking info is stored in the system.

website of the work:

13 December 2016 20.00

Concert –Time as a structural music parameter // Orestis Karamanlis – Sophia Eyklidou

Mini concert for cello and electronics. An open discussion with the audience will follow the performance.Orestis Karamanlis: laptop Sophia Efklidou: cello

15-16 December 2016

Audiowalk // Akoo-o

An audio walk in the area, geo-located by Echoes platform. The group Akoo-o will be in the space for information, technical assistance and discussion with the audience.

17 December 2016 19.00

Talk – Discussion // Dimitris Grigoriou – Dimitris Karakostas – Εva Sarafianou

Researchers from the Laboratory of Cryptography and Security (dept. of Informatics,  Athens University) will discuss how technology increasingly transforms the modern Metropolis in an Orwell type of surveillance laboratories. At the same time the discussants will demonstrate what is metadata, how and who collect them and use them, and what is the story these can say about how we move and what we do every moment of our day.

19 December 2016 19.00

Talk// Μaria Saridaki

Maria Saridaki will discuss with the audience about Temporary Playful Zones, games in the city, game jams and creative ecosystems under formation in the public and private space.

20 – 22 December 2016

Exhibition Dream Minds in Virtual Bodies // Vira

The exhibition Dream Minds in Virtual Bodies invites the spectators to immerse themselves in an ensemble of virtual reality experiences that outline the border where the dreamlike meets technology, while creating a multi-aesthetic experience. The viewer experiences the progressive refinement of technology in virtual environments and digitally constructed places, real and dreamlike, conquering a new dimension of space and time.

The projects urge the viewer to participate in the narrative and interact within a system perceived as a restored "body" of images, patterns, sounds and information in real time. The interpretation of the projects is bound to the participant’s own perspective, encouraging him to explore and confront them as alternate totalities, through a different body that can encapsulate this experience as he lives for a few moments isolated from the natural environment, while setting him free to express himself and ponder.

The common ground of the projects lies in the exploration of the unknown, the dreamlike, the hidden, and the pursuit of their communication with the viewer so that he can obtain a more substantial and active role in their development, while being confronted with a new dimension of reality.

Εxhibition Contributors Organisation: ViRA Virtual Reality Applications & Andriana Daouti

Curation: ViRA Virtual Reality Applications & Andriana Daouti

Participants: Andriana Daouti, Dimitris Trakas, Renia Papathanasiou, Christina Chrysanthopoulou

Admission free

Address: Normanou 5 , Athens 105 55 , Monastiraki

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