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18 08 2016 to 16/9/2016

CTRL T: Driewieler Collectief

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CTRL T: Driewieler Collectief

exploring a new metaphysical body / through sarcasm and illusion

metamatic:taf continues its umbrella programme CTRL+T, curated by METASITU, with the participation of Driewieler Collectief. Driewieler Collectief’s project is a work in progress starting in metamatic:taf rooms on the 18th of August 2016 and culminating in a finissage performance at metamatic:taf gallery on the 16th of September.

The CTRL+ T programme is an initiative aimed at mobilising emerging local and international artists to deploy their artistic practice and develop work in progress. Throughout the year and for a specific period, different artists are given control of metamatic:taf’s physical and virtual space, in order to elaborate upon the concept of CTRL+T with absolute freedom in terms of research methodology and artistic means. 

For the past months Driewieler Collectief has been developing works around the notion of community and its implications on the self. The take-over of metamatic:taf under CTRL+T programme will be the climax of the collective’s process-based research. Literary references such as ‘The Unnameable’ (Samuel Beckett), ‘Social works, performing art, supporting publics’ (Shannon Jackson); philosophical concepts as ‘Body without organs’ (Gilles Deleuze) or scientific researches on posthumanism and cliodynamics have been framing the collective’s works for the last months. At metamatic:taf the 3 artists will explore among other aspects, the possibilities in creating a new (architectural/monstrous/metaphysical) body, exploring new shapes of community, opening to a new and posthuman family of freaks, aiming to stimulate the sexual brain of the spectator with subliminal social critiques, using sarcasm, humor and illusion. The collective aims to explore sexuality as trigger to rethink the position of the self, concerning the current human and social relations.

Driewieler Collectief is an unexpected marriage between a classical singer, a conceptual designer and a visual artist. The collective is founded in 2010 by Pedro and Angelo when they moved to Amsterdam, with Arthur joining in early 2014.They have been presenting works in several venues in The Netherlands and Belgium but also in Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and USA. Their most performed piece, ‘86,3 in 8,2’ , has been presented at S.M.A.K museum in Ghent, Showroom MAMA in Rotterdam, Biennale de Cerveira in Portugal and several other European venues. Recently, the Driewieler Collectief has been the artist(s)-in-residency at AIR Open Ateliers Zuidoost in Amsterdam and performed their most recent piece ‘Grisly Spoon’ at Cabaret der Künstler - Zunfthaus Voltaire, part of Manifesta 11 programme.

Duration: 18.08 – 16.09.2016

Finissage: Friday 16 September 2016, 19.00

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-21:00, Sun 12:00-19:00

Admission free

Driewieler Collectief

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Address: Normanou 5 , Athens 105 55 , Monastiraki

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