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30 06 2016 to 16/8/2016

Chronotopes in Suspension

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Chronotopes in Suspension

Athens / A magical city

metamatic:taf presents the exhibition Chronotopes in Suspension, opening on Thursday 30 June 2016 at 20.30 and running until 16 August 2016.

Athens itself is a structure that transcends and surpasses the stratifications of classes, providing a space-time with new political practices, while being formed as the epicentre of a new condition, a transforming as well as genesis point. The new narratives arise in a peculiar level of consciousness, where the heterochrony and the chronotope of our imaginary meet each other.

The exhibition is a performance of a cross-section in multiple and parallel time spaces, where the past, the present and the future of Athens merge in the imaginary of the city. It is a reference for new obsessions, repetitions and fantasies in the next era of architecture; it constitutes mediation, a contact, an exploration on the metamorphoses, the transmutations of the dream of the city. How can we measure our steps in this timeless time of Athens?

Athens, the idea of this metropolis, is beyond the space-time of our experience, of our everyday reality. It is abounding with genius visions, thoughts, imagination, sub-conscious transformations, memories and dreams, past and future. We live in a magical moment, where the invisible and hidden intersections of our collective imaginary emerge and illuminate, interact and surprise. Our world is filled with shapes and colours… architecture is not simplistic and pleasant, does not flatter the habits and the patterns, nor amuses the superficiality and our megalomania… maybe it is another secret source, a piece hidden synchronically and diachronically in the palimpsest of history, where our visions meet unexpectedly the micropolitics of our life.

For young generations what remains are the delusions, the fantasies, and the magical moments of the excellent responses; but we have to ask them. And then let them guide us to the dreams, together, to a magical city that keeps on changing enchanted.

Participants: Apostolopoulou Gina, Benetou Anna, Bouliari Nikoleta, Bouras Constantinos, Chiotis Aggelos, Chranioti Anastasia, Diou Danai, Douka Annita, Ellinas Christos, Fragkos Alexandros, Gkika Aliki, Gkoni Danai, Kalogeropoulou Eirini, Kolovou Ioanna, Kontopoulou Eirini, Lada Dafni, Malliri Margarita, Michailidou Natalia, Milia–Argiti Ekaterini, Myrofridou Verina, Perela Anna, Sgouridou Haris, Sigala Aliki, Therianou Evaggelia, Tsintzeli Marina, Vasileiou Eri, Velaora Maria, Vlachou Maria

Curated by: Magdalini Grigoriadou

Opening: Thursday 30 June, 2016, 20:30

Exhibition duration: 30.06 – 16.08.2016

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-21:00, Sun 12:00-19:00

Admission free

Address: Normanou 5 , Athens 105 55 , Monastiraki

tags: exhibitions