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01 03 2016 to 7/3/2016

CTRL T: Therese Steele

tags: performance

Α work in progress / Exploring the relationship between the individual and the collective

metamatic:taf continues its recently launched umbrella program CTRL+T with Therese Steele’s open studio. Therese Steele’s project in progress will be open to the public from Tuesday 1  March 2016, ending with a performance on Monday 7 March at 20.30.

The CTRL+Τ programme is an initiative aimed at mobilising emerging local and international artists to deploy their artistic practice and develop work in progress. Throughout the year and for a specific period, different artists are given control of metamatic:taf’s exhibition space and social media, in order to elaborate upon the concept of CTRL+Τ with absolute freedom in terms of research methodology and artistic means. 

Therese Steele has been invited to respond to the notion the concept of CTRL+T developing  two part integrated projects titled 'To Fly A Flag' & 'Levitation For A Standing Audience'. For seven consecutive days she will be performing a ritual of making and raising a flag. There will be one flag on each day. Like all rituals, the work is interactive and visitors to the gallery are invited to take part, not only through the act of making the flags but also by offering their thoughts and feelings about the role of the flag. 

On the evening of the 7th day, the artist will perform a live piece entitled 'Levitation For A Standing Audience’. This will have a preset score and will be presented as a series of vignettes, but will include improvised sections. It is intended as a moving meditation on transparency and connectivity.  

These two works have been developed alongside each other and both stem from an interest in the relationship between the individual and the collective. They are also an exploration of methods available to us to enable lucidity, flow, space and altered mind states. 

Therese Steele is an artist working with performance and installation. She collaborates with choreographer and artist Alice Tatge and their joint work deals with sexuality, body sovereignty and censorship. Their most recent large-scale project is titled Dyad and was developed during the riots in Istanbul 2013.

Open Studio - To Fly A Flag: 01-07.03 2016, 16.00-21.00

Performance - Levitation For A Standing Audience: Monday 7 March 2016, 20.30

Admission free

Address: Normanou 5 , Athens 105 55 , Monastiraki

tags: performance