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28 05 2015 to 21/6/2015

REFRAME MEMORY: [past] looking [past]

Sebastian Collett

Athens Photo Festival APhF:2015 / history as a picture and memory as experiential image material

metamatic:taf has the pleasure to collaborate for the first time with the international festival of photography, Athens Photo Festival, presenting the exhibition [past] looking [past], which opens on Thursday 28 May at 20.30 and will run until Sunday 21 June 2015. The exhibition constitutes one of the two curatorial projects hosted at metamatic:taf, forming part of the Festival’s 2015 thematic context under the title «REFRAME MEMORY.

Some of the most exciting intellectual ventures of the twentieth century are associated with memory. The theoretical reflection on history is of comparable and similar concern. This is particularly so for the reflection that permanently departs from an understanding of history as a realistic representation of the past, revealing a convergence area with memory. Photography, even on its early days, held an important position on this field. It functioned, on the one hand, as a recording apparatus, a substitute of memory and on the other hand, as lens of self-reflection, a self-portrait of the mechanisms that govern it. The bulk of the relevant photographic output over the recent years tends towards this latter orientation.  The challenge: to escape from the static image representing history as a series of images that don't intersect with our own lives and to wonder where we stand and in which direction to gaze when talking about the past.

This exhibition attempts to trace the shades of history as a picture, and memory as experiential image material. Eleven photographers from Greece and abroad, browse their images on the walls. Some mold their memories setting autobiographical recordings (Bougiaka, Collett, Georgiades, Keulards, Rapti, Tsagaraki, Zipela, Zotou) others transform to their own material aspects of the history of their ancestors by visiting places they lived (Schmitz, Tamouridou). Elsewhere the performance of history’s images is commented backstage (Psaroudakis). These images do not intend to simply show. They are doing things, first for those opening the album and then for us, when poring over it (K. Ioannidis, art historian).

Participating artists: Anastasia Bougiaka, Sebastian Collett, Ilias Georgiadis, Vivian Keulards, Anna Psaroudakis, Mania Rapti, Ulrike Schmitz, Elisavet Tamouridou, Eva Tsagaraki, Zoe Zipela, Lila Zotou

Curated by: Eleni Mouzakiti, Lambros Papanikolatos 

Opening: Thursday 28.05.2015, 20:30

Admission free

Exhibition duration: 28.05 – 21.06.2015

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12:00 - 21.:00, Sun 12:00-19:00

Co-organised by:

Hellenic Centre for Photography & metamatic:taf

For more information about the festival please visit:

Address: 5 Normanou str. 105 55 Athens, Monastiraki

tags: photography / festival