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07 03 2015 to 7/3/2015

Workshop: Resounding Cities

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A soundscape / created by your mobile phone

In the context of the exhibition Welcome to Ecumenopolis hosted in metamatic:taf from Thursday 19 February until Saturday 14 March 2015, we invite you to participate in a series of workshops with free admission. The exhibition Welcome to Ecumenopolis, curated by METASITU, explores the nature of “ecumenopolis” [from Greek: οἰκουμένη, meaning 'world', and πόλις polis meaning 'city'] with the purpose to engage public audience in the simulated processes that reflect on the transforming urban world and global networks they are an integral part of.

Saturday 7 March / 12.00 – 18.00


Tutors: Sofia Grigoriadou, George Samantas, Maria Methimaki, Zoe Arvaniti, Dana Papachristou, Marisa Parasiri

The workshop Resounding Cities is curated and conducted by Sofia Grigoriadou, George Samantas, Maria Methimaki, Zoe Arvaniti, Dana Papachristou and Marisa Parasiri. During the workshop, participants will create a sound map of Monastiraki square, design a blog, which will be constantly renewed with audiovisual material, and compose a sound walk with the use of mobile phones and GPS that will augment the sensorial dimensions of urban rituals, which compose the experience of the city.

The presence of the participants at the workshop will be complemented with the contribution of an international network of visual artists, musicians and social scientists that will collaborate with field recordings from other European locations. At the same time, the workshop will be in live exchange with two associated workshops that will take place in Lisbon  (The Milena Principle / Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon) and in Brussels (The Milena Principle / School of Arts - RITS, Radio Department). Other participants that will contribute with sound and visual material are: Dzovinar Mirkiditsian (Paris), Reda Zine (Bologna), Doris Hakim (Antwerp), Sinan Bokesoy (Istanbul), Lefteris Parasiris (London), Rena Tavernaraki (Berlin).

The participants of the workshop will be introduced to the process of soundscape composition, sound design, and sound mapping, within the framework of site-specific artistic practice and promenadology, with the use of innovative locative media applications. The tutors will exemplify in practice field recording techniques, modes of sound material processing and reproduction and sound composition upon the map of the city, using the open-source platform “noTours”. 

About the workshop tutors

Sofia Grigoriadou, George Samantas, Maria Methimaki, Zoe Arvaniti, Dana Papachristou and Marisa Parasiri constitute a six-member, interdisciplinary group with a background in Visual Arts, Music, Architecture, Literature and Social Sciences and a common interest in the mapping of the contemporary city scape. They are engaged with the concept of Urban Ritual and they seek ways in which it is imprinted on the sensory scape of the City. They use sound as an instrument to transform the experience of urban space, in particular, walking - ”the most obvious but obscure thing in the world”, as Rebecca Solnit notes - as a medium of performing and reading alternative narratives in and about the city.

Saturday 7 March / 12.00 – 18.00

Admission to the workshops is free / due to the limited number of participants it is necessary to sign up via email at

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Address: 5 Normanou str. 105 55 Athens, Monastiraki

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