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27 06 2013 to 2/9/2013


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From the Venice Biennale / in Greece for the first time

metamatic:taf is very excited to host for the summer season 2013 the exhibition Bedrooms, an installation by decaARCHITECTURE, which opens on Wednesday 27 June and will run until 2 September 2013.

The exhibtion Bedrooms was first presented at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2012 within the context of Made in Athens, the Greek national participation, curated by Panos Dragonas and Anna Skiada and will be exhibited for the first time in Greece at metamatic:taf.

‘’After decades of apparent prosperity, the city of Athens is experiencing an abrupt transformation being fueled by the current economic recession. The most evident physical manifestations of the current situation occur in the streets and can be described with three words: insecurity, strife and dissent. We have chosen to peek into the spaces that are not decipherable from within the public realm: the rooms where people sleep. These private spaces, where Athenians spend most of their time, simultaneously reflect and influence their emotional world.’’

Bedrooms is an archive of twenty-four bedrooms that were photographed and surveyed in June and July 2012. It documents the prevalent typologies of the Athenians’ sleeping quarters along with the atypical, emerging cultural diversity hidden inside the generic framework of the city fabric. It includes, among others, bedrooms from a social housing project, a mansion in the Athens center, a brothel from the red light district, a commune for street artists, a building of neoclassical type, a basement inhabited by economic migrants, and a middle class family living in a “polikatikia” (block of flats). It explores the differences and commonalities between social demographics, lifestyles, building typologies and neighborhoods.

The installation was very well received by the international press. Steve Rose from the Guardian wrote: “The most inexplicably moving thing I saw in Venice was one such slide, of the bedroom of an Albanian immigrant couple and their two-year-old daughter: a double bed and a cot crammed into a tiny, bare room”. 

The design of the 2013 installation has been adapted to the setting of metamatic:taf. It uses minimal means and familiar architectural representation devices to provide an experiential and comparative insight into the lives of Athenians. 24 models of the bedrooms float within the spaces of the exhibit. Each model is accompanied by a photograph of the bedroom taken by photographer Yannis Hadjiaslanis, seen through a viewfinder. In addition, cinematographer Anastasis Agathos zooms into one of the bedrooms, discovering the intricate details of inhabitation in a short film; architect Katerina Chryssanthopoulou shares the testimonies that she has gathered from people that used to live within the exhibition space, a building constructed in 1870 that was tenement housing until the 1970’s. 

The exhibition Bedrooms 'peeks' into the rooms where people sleep. The underlying intention is to provide an alternative reading of the city that, in spite of the recession, remains foremost a locus of intimacy and diversity.

List of participants: 

Design, production and installation: decaARCHITECTURE

deca Project team: Katerina Apostolou, Vasilis Benetos, Thalia Chrousos, Minna Colakis, Ginidis Ioannis, Alison Katri, Yannis Kitanis, Koutrogiannis Evangelos, Ktistakis Konstantinos, Carlos Loperena, Christina Nikitaki, Nikos Nikolis, Maria Pappa, Argyro Pouliovali, Alexandros Vaitsos          

Research team: Sophia Handaka, Katerina ChryssanthopoulouCinematographer: Anastasis AgathosPhotographer: Yiannis Hadjiaslanis

For more information: athens

Opening: Thursday 27.06.2013, 20:30 

Admission free

Exhibition duration: 27.06 – 02.09.2013

Opening hours: Mon.-Sat. 12:00-21:00, Sun. 12:00-19:00

Address: 5 Normanou str. 105 55 Athens, Monastiraki

tags: exhibitions