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21 06 2013 to 23/6/2013

Mykonos biennale 2013- Crisis and Paganism

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Mykonos biennale 2013- Crisis and Paganism / 21-23 June 2013

The First Mykonos Biennale is an artist-run, avant-garde festival of new media, film and art. Opening on the Summer Solstice, the Biennale brings over 100 international artists to the ancient islands of Mykonos and Delos, Greece to present their work and address this year’s theme, “Crisis and Paganism.“

During the day, the islands will be transformed through exhibitions, performances and installations engaging the destinations’ many museums, monuments, and historic sites. After the sun sets, the participants will converge at the Cine Manto open-air garden theater for lively discussions, debates and nightly film screenings.

Mykonos, Greece’s most legendary island, has been beloved by artists and intellectuals since the beginning of documented history. From Homer, to Picasso and Breton, to Jean Paul Gaultier, artists have long regarded the island to be a symbol of progressive and transcendental thought. This legacy makes Mykonos the ideal host for this curatorial initiative.

Crisis and Paganism
The theme mocks the Crisis Industry’s choice of Greece as a main protagonist in their current financial disaster scenario. The crisis punishes in an exemplary way paganistic Greece, who is idly dancing and drinking as the “southern latino lover”, the grasshopper of Aesop’s story.
Greece as the juvenile Pinocchio is persuaded by the cat and the fox, the northern rich buddies, to sell his books while the old Geppetto  must sell his coat to pay the bills. With the broken Geppettos, the uprooted forests of Chalkidiki, the blackened valleys of solar panels, Greece is depressed  and bullied by the global media. “Idleness is the mother of evil” and Greece is unemployed. 17 million tourists want to see her swim, sing and dance because, oh what a coincidence! It’s summer,  Adonis with Persephone are back on earth feasting together  with the guitar playing  grasshopper. Is belly dancing considered a legitimate job? And if yes, when do the people qualify for their pension? Is retirement obligatory? Can the hungry bear cubs dance? Can old men dance? Was the empress Theodora the daughter of a bear tamer? Was the emperor Justinian the nephew of an Albanian immigrant? What connects Europe with the Holy Alliance? Has the age of the empire returned? If money is the Crisis and Nature is paganism, then is this relationship an oxymoron? As both Annas in Brecht’s Seven Deadly Sins, the role of morality changes at the beat of global hypocrisy. As the birds sing, the waves unravel and Pinocchio’s fairy is disguised as Art and wrestles with Aladdin’s genie and the three consumer wishes. To be continued in alternative Mykonos where the renowned nudist emperor will visit with his new clothes. 
Lydia Venieri.

Participating artists: Robert Adanto / Nikos Alexiou / Carlos Amorales / Lydia Andrioti / Stephen Antonakos / Panagiota Apostolopoulou / Avgi-Maria Atmatzidou / Manolis Baboussis / Jan Baracz / Andries Botha / Nicaela Callimanopulos / Leonidas Chalepas / Manolis Charos /Stanislav Chertenkov / Chiara Clemente / trap/έ/ζῆν collective / Kristina Colovic / Lydia Dambassina / Jaime Davidovich / Gregory de la Haba / Pato Hebert / John Henry / Raul Hott / Eve Vaterlaus and Peter Fend / Alexis Fidetzis / Karen Finley / Robert Flynt / Yannis Gazetopoulos / Peter Gerakaris / Giullia Ghiani / Theodoulos Gregoriou / Raúl Valdés González aka Raupa / Rosalinda Gonzalez / Shalom Gorewitz / Olga Goulandris / Heidi Hatry / Mark Hadjipateras / Jon Henry / Garry Indiana /  Nobuhiro Ishihara / Marie Voyatzis Jacotey / Brad Kahlhamer / Linzy Kalup / Jason Karaindros / Danai Katopodi / Anita King / Andonis Kioukas / Panos  Kouros / Tao Kulczycki/ Tyrone Lebon / Aleta Lee / Colette Lumiere / Nicaella Kallimenopoulos / Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos / Harris Kondosphyris / Panos Kostouros / George Kyprianidis / Panos Kouros / Tao Kulczycki / Esther Lemi / Kalup Linzy / Perpetual Art Machine / Christos Markogiannakis / Marjan Moghaddam / Steve Mc Queen / Dean Monogenis / Eleni Mylonas / Trine Nedreas / Melina Nicolaides / Maria Nymfiadi / [dNASAb] / ORLAN /Aga Ousseinov / Maria Papadimitriou / Richard Pasquarelli / Ben Patton / Katie Peyton / Kostas Picadas /Mano Pontikakis / Pepa Prieto /  Marianna Sangita Røe / Konstantinos Rigos / Alfredo Romano / Fotis Sagonas / Camila Santin / Katerina Skassi / Renas & Tania La Target / Lucas Samaras / Cam Santin / Kate Shaw / Raphaele Shirley / Takis / Philip Tsiaras / Betty Tompkins / Cindy Tower / Pedro Tyler / trap/έ/ζῆν collective / Dimitris Vassilakis / George Vdokakis / Lydia Venieri / Adonis Volanakis / Theodoras Vogiatzidis / Iria Vrettou / Tassos Vrettos / Quattara Watts / Apichatpong Weerasethakul / Lee Wells / Alison Williams / Lewis Teague Wright / Ru Xiaofan /Phyllis Yampolsky / Manolis Zaharioudakis / O Zhang / Agni Zotis / Theodoros Zafeiropoulos / Vanessa Zouganelis

Artistic Director: Lydia Venieri

Executive Producer: Andonis Kioukas

Curators: Pier Luigi Tazzi, Lee Wells, Katie Peyton and Ed Steinberg.

More information: Mykonos biennale official website

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