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28 03 2013 to 18/4/2013


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Τhe action of erasure and recommencement / As a cultural simulation

metamatic:taf presents the exhibition thesis by platform Create an Accident, which opens on Thursday 28 March and will run until 18 April 2013.

The impossible actions, the notion of destruction and the construction of a new social contract constitute the exhibition thesis.

Produced within the platform of a game and according to the restrictions and liberties that constitute it, the exhibition investigates what would happen if an invented community defined a breaking point whose transgression would signify its conscious destruction.

The participating artists, either as members of this community or as external observers, are called to explore the action of erasure and recommencement as a possible choice. 

Through their projects they play with the limits of the community, revealing the fundamental destruction of the social narratives and the myths that constitute them as an option. They challenge the human prerogative to reason, the existence of solid personal and collective identities, as well as the certainty through which knowledge is produced as a common ground for the community. 

Overall, the game of thesis, as a cultural simulation, reproduces and destroys the myths integrated in the social narratives. The fictional character of this game opens up and infinite set of rules, whose conventions and liberties offer a limitless field for the invention of unknown options. 

Members of the platform Create an Accident can be found every day in the exhibition info point  ready to give personal tours and discuss questions with the visitors.

On Saturday 13 April at 13:00 will take place a guided tour – discussion with the curator of the exhibition.

Curated by: Lena Theodoropoulou

Participating artists: Yiannis Christofides, Informal Strategies, Nathania Rubin, Melissanthi Saliba, Anna Witt

In collaboration with: Andreas Vrahimis, Anna Kontopoulou

Special guests: MolleindustriaEumaster ART  – VR _2012_13

Opening: Thursday 28.03.2013, 20:30

Admission free

Exhibition duration: 28.03 – 18.04.2013

Opening hours: Mon.-Sat. 12:00-21:00, Sun. 12:00-19:00

Special Event: 13.04.2013 13:00 Guided tour – discussion with the curator of the exhibition

Address: 5 Normanou str. 105 55 Athens, Monastiraki

tags: exhibitions