Phila Place

Posted by communispace 30.4.2015

Phila Place is a project created by the Historical Society of Philadelphia that attempts to connect stories to places across time in Philadelphia’s various areas. Its aim is to intertwine stories of ordinary people of all backgrounds with historical records and present an full picture of the history, culture, and architecture of the city’s neighborhoods; this it does through various formats including text, pictures, audio and video clips, and podcasts so visitors can map their own stories in place and time. Aside from the web site, PhilaPlace includes ongoing community programs and publications, from workshops for teachers, to trolley tours, and exhibits.

The central navigational tool for the web site is a map on which visitors can see spots for which content is available; by pressing those spots, a small panel appears which contains the historical element for which some information, visual material or links to other related web sites are available. (The locations on the map can be filtered by area or interest) Also, visitors can find a photographic archive with every picture being related to some of the stories available on the web site as well as a blog with articles about the organization’s operation.  


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