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Posted by communispace 28.4.2015

The arts, science and technology Waag is a foundation in the Netherlands focusing on the development of creative forms of technology that help social innovation. Through various studies, development of prototypes and realization of various proposals it helps independent organizations and individuals explore how technology applies in socially oriented innovative methods in various fields such as health, logistics, biotechnology, development of open methods for the dissemination of information etc. the foundation is housed in a historical 15th century building which used to be the gate and part of the walls that surrounded Amsterdam. 

The web site’s content is impressive; the same is true for Waag’s activity in a broad spectrum of scientific and technological fields. Visitors can find information about the various research laboratories classified by their object, about the organization’s events and about its projects –running or past. There is also a section with the services it offers among which or particular interest are those dealing with the provision of Internet infrastructure services for cultural organizations and the educational programs for elderly citizens; the latter aiming to teach both the use of technology and creative expression.  

URL: http://waag.org/en/

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