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dConstruct is an annual conference being held since 2005 in the first Friday of September. In the first years of its operation it was aimed at Internet professionals such as web developers and web designers; Over the years though, it evolved into an event that not only addresses web technology but also other areas such as design, society, and culture. In other words, the central theme of the event touches on more theoretical issues although a large proportion of the attendees still consists of web professionals (this is to be expected since in the specialized workshops the topics are exclusively technical)l.

At the web site we can find an archive with all the speeches of past years demonstrating the breadth of topics covered; topics such as entrepreneurship, culture, emotions, video games, Internet, etc. The speeches are available in mp3 format and are available for downloading –for each speech we can read information about the speaker and a summary of what is being said. Overall, this is an extraordinary event mainly addressing Internet culture and how technology affects society.

URL: http://dconstruct.org

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