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Eliezer Yudkowsky is an American writer dealing in subjects such as artificial intelligence and singularity. In 2009 he created LessWrong as a web site that would promote ideas related to rationalism; the site is designed as a blog where articles are presented in chronological order and the members of the community contribute by offering their commentary. Besides the web site itself, the LessWrong project also includes real life meetings of its members in various places around the world as well as an unconventional forum where members discuss things and vote for subjects they consider interesting. 

The best way to explore LessWrong’s contents is through the section labeled “Sequences”; this functions as an index table presenting in a condensed form various posts classified by subject and for every subject of this section there are tens of articles with hundreds of comments each. In subjects such as quantum physics, one of the most attractive to those interested in science, the articles are classified according to knowledge level (some of the areas covered ask for specific background) while there are also suggestions  for articles with similar content from other categories.   

URL: http://lesswrong.com/

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