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PopTech in an international community of individuals working together on innovative ideas and aiming to improve society; the members of this community come from various fields (technology, design, medicine, sociology, ecology, arts, liberal arts etc.) and the organization’s philosophy is that the most ground breaking solutions occur when people from varying areas and different fields of knowledge collaborate on a common goal. The organization’s broader network includes more than four hundred such individuals.

In Pop Tech’s web site, visitors can learn more about the organization’s initiatives through the various running projects; these projects are classified in two broad categories (science and social) and each category includes audio visual material from members’ speeches. Also available is information about conferences being organized (with the option of applying for participation) as well as a blog with news and previous conference minutes.

URL: http://poptech.org/

You can see more interesting proposals from a number of websites that cover all aspects of art. community spirit and creativity at the # communispace

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