Refugee Food Festival / Athens / 2017

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From 17 to 21 June the menu of restaurants in Athens is enriched with dishes designed and prepared by their chefs and refugee chefs: original tastes, dishes by four cooking hands ... A culinary and solidarity initiative to honor the cooking skills of the guest chefs and the uniqueness of every cuisine.

Bookings directly with the restaurant

☞ Sunday, June 18th * Iranian cuisine by Mahboubek Tavakoli * Γή / YiRestaurant * 210.9648.512

☞ Monday, June 19th * Syrian-Kurdish cuisine by Barshank Haj Younes *Σεϋχέλλες (Seychelles Restaurant) * 211.183.4789

☞ Tuesday, June 20th-21st * Somali cuisine by Hassan Hassan *Βασίλαινας Εστιατόριο (Vassilenas Restaurant) * 210.7210.501

☞ Wednesday, June 21st * Syrian cuisine by Abdulrahman Al Hallak * 7 Food Sins Gastro Pub * 210.7011.108

☞ Thursday, June 22nd * Afghan cuisine by Reza Golami * It Resaturant * 210.3635.773

Contact the team:
UNHCR GREECE - Athens Insider - Louis Martin

Food Sweet Food event, co-organized with UNHCR GREECE andAthens Insider.

The Refugee Food Festival is a citizens’ and participatory initiative: a toolkit has been developed to allow every citizen to organize a festival in their city, with the support of the founding team and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Every local edition is organized by citizens.

☞ Tell the world you stand #WithRefugees: 

The Refugee Food Festival is based on the universal values ​​of hospitality and generosity of cooking.

Behind every refugee, there is a man or a woman with precious talents!

Refugee chefs are put in contact with a community of committed restaurateurs and volunteers.

A fascinating taste journey towards unknown flavors.

On the occasion of World Refugee Day commemorated on 20 June, 13 cities in Europe are joining forces: ATHENS, PARIS, MADRID, BRUSSELS, AMSTERDAM, FLORENCE, LYON, MARSEILLE, BORDEAUX, LILLE, MILAN, ROME AND BARI.

Before this European edition, an edition in Paris and in Strasbourg took place in 2016.

Refugee Food Festival ✱ ATHENS ✱ 18-22 JUNE 201

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