Sputnik Observatory

Posted by communispace 12.5.2015

Sputnik Observatory is an educational, nonprofit organization focusing on studies of contemporary culture; its aim is to record, archive and promote ideas that formulate contemporary thought. Its creator is Jonathan Harris one of the most successful web designers who has won three Webbys, probably the Internet’s most prestigious awards and the ideas examined come from a broad range of subjects such as quantum physics, neuroscience, biology, economics, architecture, digital art, music etc. while the discussions hosted on the web site include some of the most important thinkers of our age; thinkers such as Freeman Dyson, Will Wright, Lynn Margulis or Vint Cerf .

Hosted on the Sputnik Observatory are more than 500 discussions freely available as videos; visitors can browse them using criteria such as their subject. After the visitors create their profile they can comment on the videos and store their favorites –although the site boasts an impressive volume of content, audience participation is scarce something which might be attributed to the small length of the videos.

URL: http://sptnk.org/

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