Long Bets

Posted by communispace 5.5.2015

Long Bets is a platform with projections for future events, based on the estimation of third parties; anyone interested can attempt a prediction for the future and this prediction can be disputed by someone else, thus leading to a sort of betting with the earnings being donated to charity. The web site started operating in 2003 and is managed by the Long Now Foundation, while it has been financially supported by Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos.

What makes this endeavor interesting is that predictions are not simply guesses but are based on arguments that can be debated by any contracting partner; because of this, the site is a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas on various socio-political matters with the economic aspect being overlooked since nobody really wins anything (as we mentioned above, the money go to charity). At any given moment there are more than 500 predictions with prizes varying from $500 to $1,000,000 –it might sound paradoxical but even millennium span predictions are tolerated.

URL: http://longbets.org/

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