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The concept of intentional communities is based on the idea of participating in and contributing to a place’s common matters and is particularly strong in small settlements, where ties among the members of a community are also very strong; the members of such communities share common beliefs which can vary from social issues to religious or political affairs. Among the various applications of this idea, one of the most widespread is that of ecovillages.

The web site ic.org has been online since 1996 and it attempts to record the entirety of alternative communities that are spread all over the world. Although its main use is that of a directory, it also provides a lot of information about the philosophy behind the creation of such communities; its best application as a source of such information being its very detailed wiki. Of particular interest is also the option of buying books from a very broad spectrum of subjects including methods of organizing and managing such communities, sustainable development etc.

URL: http://www.ic.org/

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