Food and thought

Posted by Periklis Vanikiotis 3.2.2014

Most of us found that out seeing pornography when we were teenagers: after a certain point you become fed up by the constant repetition of the same images. And later we confirmed it when we started travelling and realized that some sights wouldn’t impress us because we had already seen them too much on TV or in films. Therefore a recent research by Brigham Young University documenting the same occurrence in regard to so called “food porn” in websites like Pinterest or Instagram; they even named the phenomenon: sensory boredom. 

This research is not the only one reaching this conclusion; in the past we have seen similar studies regarding the effects of video games while last year there was another one, this time from University of Michigan, focusing on Facebook. And the results are invariably the same: the images on our computer screens are not real but their effect on our brain is and it influences our concept of reality. Moreover, and without wanting to sound like a doomsayer, as long as image-based networks like Instagram and Pinterest become more and more popular, “sensory boredom” will probably also increase.   

Does this mean that we have to abandon the Internet? Obviously I’m in no position to make such a statement with a straight face –furthermore I don’t want to! But I can say very seriously that perhaps it means we should seriously reflect on how our online life affects our real one. Or, to be more accurate, how we let the former affect the latter since, after all, we are the ones allowing this to happen.

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