Eagle street rooftop farm

Posted by communispace 7.1.2013

Let’s suppose you are living in a modern metropolis and you are interested in healthy life and nutrition; you would like to produce the food you consume yourselves but the scarcity of the space available means you cannot afford to have your own garden. One solution is the window farms and another is to use your rooftop. Eagle Street Rooftop Farm is such an initiative that began in the six hundred square meters rooftop of a building in the banks of New York’s East River.

In the farm’s web site, we can find information about it including pictures illustrating that these aren’t simply small vegetable beds but that the whole rooftop has been covered with soil thus recreating the environmental conditions of a regular farm. The farm is the fruit of the cooperation between the companies Broadway Stages and Goode Green and is supported by members of the local community while its products are available for sale.

URL: http://rooftopfarms.org/

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