No Budget / No Bullshit – Film & Self-organization

Posted by T.A.F. 24.3.2017

No Budget / No Bullshit – Film & Self-organization

discussion - open call

Berlin, 2001: A small group of filmmakers, funded the first self-organized film school in Europe. Today, 16 years later, the school hosted over 1500 filmmakers.

filmArche offers an extensive three-year training program in five departments: script, direction, photography, editing and production. At the same time, it is a network with the outside world, maintaining a wide range of contacts in the film industry, to cultural sectors at local and international level. filmArche is funded almost exclusively by the low contributions of its members.

Members, over the years, created a safe space for people regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation and race and made clear that its premises be no room for racist, sexist and fascist ideologies and behaviours.

filmArche not only managed to remain active and grow but helped a similar film school in Bamenda, Cameroon in 2015.

Having as an example filmArche, we invite professionals of all film departments, amateurs and whoever loves the art of cinema, to join the first meeting in order to launch a dialogue, for setting up a self-organized film school in Athens.

The discussion will be moderated by director, writer and visual artist Dimitra Mitsaki (Fish Lily), graduate of the directing department of filmArche.

Language: Greek / English

Free entrance

* There will be a donation box.

Sunday 2 April, 17:00

More information: FB event