On being sane in sunny places

Posted by Anna Zarifi 20.8.2012

When David Rosehan, published his article called "On being sane in insane places” containing the results of his now famous 1973 experiment on the validity of psychiatric diagnosis, he had no idea it would inspire so many spinoffs.  Let alone artistic ventures in faraway lands. Like the Adolescent Athenian Absurdists, who leaving the sunny Greek capital behind, and going off to reestablish their sanity in Berlin.

All are participating in an exhibition with the rather appropriate title «On being sane in sunny places», taking place between the 23rd and the 29th of August, in Panke e.V. 
Apparently most if not all of the participants Alex Kat, Anastasia Diavasti, Antonakis Christodoulou, Katerina Kamprani, Kavecs (Vana Kostayola & Kostis Stafylakis), Mariza Koch & Filtig, Phevos Dousos, Poka-Yio, qV, Sakis Stritsidis, Stella Atzemi, Than Tsoumas, Yorgos Bolanos suffer from an sense of “absurd joy and a negation of the heavy handed pseudo- profound aggressiveness frequently expected in the mainstream art scene in Greece”. 

The show is curated by Filtig and Phevos Dousos and the opening on the night of the 23rd of August, offers music from the Greek avant-garde in Panke e.V., Gerichtstr. 23, Hof. V, 13347, Wedding, Berlin, www.pankeberlin.de

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