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Posted by communispace 28.5.2015

More Europe is an organization aiming to promote and support the role culture plays in the international relations between the European Union member-states; it was founded in 2011 in Brussels which is also the home of the European Parliament. Modern diplomacy demands for a new way of thinking regarding how international challenges are faced and the organization attempts to contribute towards the advancement of this new way of thinking by promoting fundamental values such as dialogue and the recognition of the crucial role the society plays in strengthening the relations between countries. Through organizing discourses in various European capitals, More Europe tries to bring together artists, citizens and top level policy makers. 

In More Europe’s web site, visitors can see the cultural organizations that were its founding members, the profiles of various distinguished speakers from the various conferences it has organized, a listing of the events scheduled and the agenda for the discourse in each one, a section with texts analyzing the organization’s positions as well as an archive with audio and visual material from the events themselves.


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