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ArtBabble has been called “a YouTube for the arts” and it is a web site with videos from various art exhibitions, created by the Indianapolis Art Museum  and operating since 2009 (it was operating for a year before that but on a pilot basis) as an alternative way for other museums and cultural bodies to promote their exhibitions. Among such organizations one can find names such as that of the MoMA, the Smithsonian, New York’s Public Library etc.

The initial idea for ArtBabble was to show the backstage work during the exhibitions’ preparation phase; from the packing of art works for transportation from the artists’ studio to the space they will be exhibited to the conversion of that space (all these steps are accompanied by comments by the artists themselves describing each phase and providing information about their demands and expectations from the exhibition). After the site’s gain in popularity though, the video posted can be quite diverse: information about famous art works, public discourses with both artists and public participating etc.


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