The Royal Standard

Posted by communispace 18.5.2015

The Royal Standard is an art space in Liverpool housing galleries, studios and teamwork rooms, aiming to be a place of dialogue and exchange of opinions on social affairs through the activities of a group of 27 artists with whom it has a permanent affiliation. It was founded in 2006 in a building that was formerly a pub and one of its main activities is a program named “Dialogues” for the members of the city’s artistic community; these “dialogues” are achieved through exhibitions and open discussions/debates. 

In The Royal Standard’s web site, visitors can see the running exhibitions as well as an archive containing the ones previously organized; there is also a list of the affiliated artists, including short resumes for each one and a section with news related to exhibitions and other events in the broader Liverpool area (this section isn’t limited to The Royal Standard’s events but includes events from various other cultural centers and/or organizations).


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