Institute of Contemporary Arts

Posted by communispace 11.5.2015

ICA was founded in 1947 by poet, historian, art critic and anarchist Herbert Read as a place dedicated to contemporary art and it developed to one of the most important expression vehicles of British avant-garde. Since 1968, it is being housed in an emblematic Regency building built in London in the beginnings of the 19th century by architect John Nash and besides the exhibition spaces it includes a coffee shop and a book store. ICA has been the debut grounds for artists such as Demian Hirst, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Luc Tuymans and Steve McQueen while it was one of the first venues to feature music bands such as The Clash in 1976, the Stone Roses το 1989 etc.

In the institute’s web site, visitors can learn about its activities (art exhibitions, screening of films and music concerts) while a rich archive is also available featuring texts, audio-visual material and a blog updated almost on a daily basis. Also offered is an online shop where visitors can find book titles on art, DVDs of films and documentaries, magazines and numbered reproductions of art works.


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