Posted by communispace 7.5.2015

Artspan is a platform offering artists the possibility of creating their own web sites so they can promote and sell their works. Every micro-site can have its own visual design, navigation menu, content structure and even domain name and Artspan targets artists from various disciplines including painting, sketching, illustration, photography, handicrafts and jewelry.

The platform offers a wide variety of pre-designed layouts as well as a rich collection of fonts, color combinations and backgrounds so every creation can be unique. There are three different charge plans with the basic starting from $14/month and reaching $20/month; the price is quite reasonable compared to the cost of creating an autonomous web site from scratch. Besides low cost, other advantages of this model is that the creator doesn’t have to spend money for promoting the site through search engines etc or worry about how to optimize it for access through mobile phones since all that is managed through the platform itself. Users of the platform or other interesting parties can find more about it in the site’s extensive forum system.


You can see more interesting proposals from a number of websites that cover all aspects of art. community spirit and creativity at the # communispace

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