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ArtBook is an Internet bookstore specializing in art-related titles; its thematic categories include fields such as architecture, design, photography, music, cinema, fashion, literature, art theory etc. It belongs to Distributed Art Publishers, the biggest American publishing house specializing in art which was founded in 1990 in New York; DAP is the sole representative for the United States for books published by such illustrious museums as  MoMA,  Guggenheim, Walker Art Center etc.

The superbly designed web site, allows visitors to search titles related to the various thematic areas; a very interesting category was “Curated Libraries” where the site offers various titles per thematic area (Surrealists, Dada, German expressionism, independent cinema, Bauhaus movement, architecture etc.) giving the visitor the opportunity to approach a particular field through suggestions by specialists.


You can see more interesting proposals from a number of websites that cover all aspects of art. community spirit and creativity at the # communispace

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tags: blogging / book