A two-faced life

Posted by Grigoris Miliaresis 2.10.2013

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Sebastian Bieniek - «Doublefaced»

They have become one of the most popular memes recently; as is usually the case the reason is the originality of the idea (although cubists would probably have something to say about that) and its implementation and, possibly the power of the social networks and particularly Facebook. They are the portraits of the series “Doublefaced” by Sebastian Bieniek from Berlin that have managed to collect more than 50,000 likes and make the 38 year-old artist famous, at least  online. 

Mr. Bieniek’s tools are an eye liner, a lipstick and a camera: he uses the first two to paint on the side of his model’s face another (or another half) face and the third to take the picture he will later upload on the Internet (the whole project is exhibited there). By combing the model’s hair accordingly, he gives the sense that the model has two faces, that its face is in a bizarre angle or that it is not a real human being but a store-window mannequin.  

Although each one of the pictures in “Doublefaced” can stand on its own, arousing strange feelings to the viewer –the adjective “bizarre” I used before is the best word I can think of, perhaps together with the adjective “disturbing”- the German artist presents them as a series that records the life of this “doublefaced” girl while she does simple, everyday things: sleeping, smoking, shopping or riding the subway. And it is this sense, that this person is next to us, or that it is one of us that makes the images more powerful and cause us to think how many of us live two-faced lives.

tags: blogging