Open call for participation to performance to the Tortoise and the Spider

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Open call for participation to performance to the Tortoise and the Spider.

World premiere: Sikelianos Amphitheatre - Delphi, 20th of July, 2017.

Rehearsals and workshop : 18 to 20 July,2017.

For students and professional dancers, performers, movement artists, butoh artists, slow movement practitioners (as yoga, qi gong, tai chi,...)

Free accomodation is provided for the performers.

the Tortoise and the Spider.

is the metamorphose an ancient Greek lyre into a giant illuminated harp of people which sounds through movement in the landscape at night. A composed soundscape will enhance the work. 

It is a slow movement performance, based on collaboration, making a giant  illuminated spider harp which can be played and moved around by performers / movement practitioners, connected with strings. A new sound composition will be played with  attached portable speakers, and the work will be performed at night. 

The creation of a "human harp", eight movement artists connected with each other, playing the strings that connect them in their movement trajectory, resonating with the ground and the landscape.  The performance will depart in Delphi (Greece) and afterwards symbolically and physically travel through Europe, from South to North.

The human harp is created with  the composers-musicians Ros Bandt and Jon Drummond (Australia) and performed together with participants, answering upon this open call, to be prepared in a collaborative dialogue during three rehearsals and in a workshop between July 18th and July 20th. .

An  illuminated wooden carapace (the tortoise) of Apollo's ancient Greek lyre becomes the object of metamorphosis, the back of the spider. Tortoise lyre music begins and one by one the movement artists and practicioners attach long filament spiders legs to the instrument. The spider will flip at this point and will be able to  be played and manipulated by each of the performers. As  a group  they will perform the spider music of the  graphic scores that are created in a the workshop-rehearsal, accompanied by the stellar  electronic sounds through portable speakers.

This performance requires us to learn to co-operate together in sound and movement while connected by nylon filaments from the lyre, a giant moving walking spiders web we build together.

Global promotion and nomadic project: Live web stream, video and web publication will share your contributions globally at the moment and after the event, worldwide promoted via Word Listening Da, the World Listening Forum and the online platform Hearing Places. The performance will be documented in a video, that will travel Europe and Australia. Performers will by fully credited in the video of this world premiere in Delphi.

We offer: free accomodation in Amfissa, near Delphi up to 4 nights in function of the workshop, rehearsals and performance. We can not provide in travel costs or living costs.  .

The workshops and rehearsals will be accompanied by Ros Bandt (Australia, sound artist), Jon Drummond (Australia, composer), Katerina Drakopoulou (Greece, performer and butoh dancer), Stefaan van Biesen ((Belgium, artist and movement practitioner) and Geert Vermeire (Belgium, performance artist).

Applications with name, birthdate, e-mail, short biography/CV to be sent to as soon as possible. Answer follows within the week.  More information on e-mail adress above.

the Tortoise and the Spider is a co-production of Ros Bandt and the Milena principle for the event "Made of Walking - webs waves ways" (curated by Geert Vermeire) at Animart Festival (Greece)

Structure :

The tortoise (lyre) and the spider (human harp)  - world premiere 20 July at 22h

Sikelianos amphitheatre Delphi with musicians and movement practitioners.

*Star sounds. Electronic sound field by Jon Drummond.

*Lyre tortoise music (solo),  Ros Bandt  improvising from a tiny tortoise  video projected on the ground. Disjunct  bumpy sounds of tortoise  feet moving rhythms.

(performers crouched in a tortoise like lump  on the ground in front, coming to life later when each spiders leg as it is added)

*Creating the legs: nylon filament are attached to  the sides of lyre, one by one. Each leg gets to pluck in turn when it moves to the end of its leg and pulls it tight enough to make a sound. A little solo, a few plucks and performers coming to life.

*Walking with eight legs, as a spider. Stationary and  Still, all connected,  together  ensemble plucks by everyone (rehearsals). The group moves together with the sounds.

*Coordinated movement on (star)sounds, keeping the strings tight bearing the lyre's weight.

*Walking to the mountain, in the dark (not very far), just need to be the start on a journey and disappear out of sight into the night.


We workshop all of this together in situ so the spacing and scale will depend on where we all stand in the space in relation to the audience. A big co-operation.

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