8 years Τ.A.F. / The Art Foundation

Posted by T.A.F./ The Art Foundation 28.4.2017

8 years Τ.A.F. / The Art Foundation

T.A.F. / The Art Foundation, the pioneering cultural centre in Athens with its beloved courtyard opened its doors in 2009 and this May celebrates its 8th birthday.

During these 8 years T.A.F has been established as an open platform for cultural production and action, while being a key social site where people gather and socialize all year-round, 7 days a week. T.A.F constitutes a point of reference in the cultural map of Athens; An independent space for unexpected artistic projects, experimental exhibitions and creative collaborations.

Based on participatory culture, experimentation and cross-disciplinary exploration, while aiming at the active engagement of the audience, T.A.F. continues to operate as a continuously evolving formation within urban networks. The organisation seeks to establish extended partnerships with communities of creators across a wide cultural spectrum, whilst building a substantial relationship with its audience through a multi-faceted program.


15 – 21 May 2017


An installation in the gallery space dedicated to the 1.700 artists whom we have collaborated with, as well as the 130 exhibitions, performances, projects and acts we have hosted throughout these 8 years.


15 – 21 May 2017


Monday 15/5, 21:30 - live Appalachian Cobra Worshipers

Warm up session by Dj A-tag

Tuesday 16/5, 21:30 -  LPs vs. 45s

back to back dj set with Pavlos Tsagkarakis & dj Nikos Efthimiou

Wednesday 17/5, 21:30 - Just Jammin’

back to back dj set with George Kontrafouris & dj Τeacher

Thursday 18/5, 21:30 - No limits

sound+video installation by dj Playmobill

Friday 19/5, 22:30 - We gonna party ‘cause it’s our birthday

back to back dj set with Manolis Oikonomou & dj Teacher

Saturday 20/5, 22:30 - Doin’ it to death

party by Dj A-Tag, Dj Playmobill & Dj Palov

Sunday 21/05, 12:00-00:00 - Every day is like Sunday

all day vinyl dj sets with guests


15 – 21 May 2017


Throughout the week for the first time pop-up shops will be featured in the rooms surrounding the courtyard.

athina korda



planters, terrariums, lighting

into ceramics




odd studio


think pig

mugs, plates, lights

Birthday week sponsor: Fischer

Birthday week communication sponsor: En Lefko radio


26 - 28 May 2017

Gallery & Rooms

Travellink Project

Consisting of the words “travel” and “ink”, Travellink is coming to travel you with colours and ink.Twenty creative studios, freelance graphic designers and illustrators choose their favourite city and each one of them designs an inspired poster.

T.A.F./ The Art Foundation’s bartenders create a cocktail for each poster, sharing the same name and character. Each city becomes a poster, each poster becomes a cocktail. 
In the same time, AKTO Art & Design College Photography students draw inspiration from their favourite cities, build their sceneries and capture them. They present “Landscape Travellink” at one of T.A.F’s special rooms.

Luv ’n’ Roll is moving from Melissia to T.A.F’s gallery during the opening party in order to install their corner in the context of World Piercing Day.

Participants: alati design atelier, Charis Tsevis, Christina Tsevis, Cloudtrap, Corn Studio, Dimitra Karagianni & Panos Myriagkos, Elena Baka, Katerina Angelikaki & Thalassinos Anastasiou, Katerina Miliaraki, Marianna Pefani, Marios Balaskas, Mike Karolos, Mikela Argyriadou, Slab, Stavros Damos, Sugahtank, Thanasis Kamenidis, Theo Kontaxis, Vasilis Palas, Virginia Andronikou

Cocktail designers: Spiros Filis, Stathis Kolonias, Lefteris Papdopoulos, Thodoris Sarantinos

Hosted by: INK Project.Exhibition

Travellink contributors: Fotolio & Typicon, AKTO, Luv n’ Roll, uber, gr design, Beefeater

Admission Free