Collaboration between metamatic:taf and METASITU

Posted by metamatic:taf_editor 24.9.2015

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Six years after its creation in 2009, metamatic:taf has defined a contemporary model of cultural production and action, operating as a continuously evolving formation within urban networks. Having being established as an open space for circulating ideas and practices based on participatory culture, experimentation and cross-disciplinary exploration, metamatic:taf seeks for extended partnerships with communities of creators across a wide cultural spectrum, building at the same time a more essential relationship with the audience through active engagement and co-creation.

In this light and in the context of formulating our exhibition program for 2015-2016, we are happy to announce our curatorial collaboration with METASITU, who will become the artistic directors of metamatic:taf aiming at the reinforcement of a dynamic international network for creative partnerships and collaborations. 

METASITU is an art collective founded by Liva Dudareva and Eduardo Cassina. It is an urban consultancy that operates globally. Their expertise is contemporary and future urban challenges in emerging economies, which they address by bridging the gap between research and art. The collaboration with metamatic:taf is happening in a period of social  turmoil as well as cultural transitions that constantly trigger new concerns in the field of cultural production with Athens as reference point. Issues such as migration, the financial crisis and European identity constitute a fertile ground for experimentation, creating the need for initiating an exhibition programming with more radical and participatory elements. 

We, therefore, welcome METASITU in Athens and metamatic:taf and we look forward to seeing you in the new cycle of activities that start soon.

tags: blogging