• Anonymous made in Japan

    Posted by Grigoris Miliaresis 16.7.2012
    Anonymous made in Japan

    Everybody has heard about Anonymous, the community-team of hackers who for the last years have been participating in the various protest movements all over the world, both online (attacking web sites of big corporations or governments) and off (in various demonstrations with its members wearing the characteristic white masks from the film “V for Vendetta”); even though all participants in these actions aren’t necessarily members of Anonymous, said movement has managed to establish itself as an umbrella for anyone wanting to criticize everything is wrong in the way our societies work.

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  • A boson, a clergyman and a statement

    Posted by Grigoris Miliaresis 9.7.2012
    A boson, a clergyman and a statement

    I have to admit it: I am not among those who think of science as the new religion. I don’t expect to get from it answers to the “big questions” related to human nature and I don’t believe that a person who has graduated a university, got a couple of doctorates and is working in a research center has a more clear understanding about how life and the world works from someone who has only completed the twelve-class mandatory educational system and a technical school. This doesn’t mean that the former aren’t worthy of admiration for their achievements; it only means my personal measure for people is a little more complex. 

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  • Mis-information infographics

    Posted by Grigoris Miliaresis 5.7.2012
    Mis-information infographics

    It has become a major(ish) issue with the US presidential election approaching; we didn't see it in the Greek elections but this must be attributed to the limitations of Greek politicians in everything related to the Internet. It is the extension of the election campaign to Facebook through the use of various infographics that either through actual facts or through less factual data try to communicate the two parties' messages to the users of the biggest social network.

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  • Shadowplay

    Posted by metamatic:taf_editor 4.7.2012

    Since 1609 when Galileo first applied the telescope to Astronomy, scientists have been able to record to the photographic paper numerous stellar objects invisible to the naked eye...

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  • Tackling 'Scarce Resources'

    Posted by metamatic:taf_editor 3.7.2012
    Tackling 'Scarce Resources'

    GDP and GDP per capita are commonly used measures of a nation’s wealth in conventional economics. Wealth, which as defined in the words of the social philosopher Adam Smith is "the annual produce of the land and labour of the society".

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  • The art of science

    Posted by metamatic:taf_editor 2.7.2012
    The art of science

    Ferrofluids are colloidal liquids made of nanoscale iron particles that become strongly magnetised in the presence of a magnetic field.

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  • Harvard Releases 12 Million Library Records

    Posted by metamatic:taf_editor 10.6.2012
    Harvard Releases 12 Million Library Records

    Big news came in yesterday that Harvard is releasing the entirety of its library metadata online and under a CC-0 license in accordance with its Open Metadata Policy

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  • Great Masters Gallery

    Posted by communispace 20.5.2012
    Great Masters Gallery

    Topofart is a web site selling reproductions of works by famous artists; it is unique in that besides the usual methods of reproduction of art works (i.e. various types of printing) visitors have also the opportunity to purchase copies created by hand by artists who collaborate with the company.

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