• Artfacts.net

    Posted by communispace 13.3.2015

    ArtFacts is a web site for people who work as modern art professionals –art consultants, curators, collectors etc.- and they are interested in statistics, prices of works of art, artists’ biographies, auctions’ catalogues and so on.

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  • Digital Theatre

    Posted by communispace 12.3.2015
    Digital Theatre

    It is one of those things that we ourselves have frequently thought –and most probably we are not the only ones, especially after the recent popularity of television series and their immediate distribution in digital format as soon as soon as a season is over: why doesn’t someone do the same thing for theatrical performances?

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  • ArtQuest

    Posted by communispace 11.3.2015

    What does the art scene in China look like? What is the best way to write a press release? How can a person protect their intellectual rights? How does experience affect remuneration? ArtQuest, an initiative of University of the Arts London which started operating in 2001

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  • Factory of Art Rurality & Media

    Posted by communispace 10.3.2015
    Factory of Art Rurality & Media

    Factory of Art Rurality and Media (FARM) is a project exploring methods for the growth of cultural wealth and a productive environment in rural areas. The perspectives FARM examines are not limited to the concept of soil development but are linked to a critical analysis of the economy, the culture and the society in said areas aiming to point out innovative and sustainable technological practices that will help local societies integrate with the modern way of life. 

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  • Mural Conservancy

    Posted by communispace 9.3.2015
    Mural Conservancy

    Mural Conservancy is an organization that, as the name suggests, is focused on the preservation and recording of murals in the broader Los Angeles area; the difference between a mural and a graffiti is that a mural is usually done on commission, more often than not by some organization and that the artists get paid for their work.

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  • HelpX

    Posted by communispace 6.3.2015

    HelpX is directed to people interested in exchanging their vacation for work, a quite popular concept according to which boarders, instead of paying to live in a hotel, stay at some private home and in exchange for accommodation and food they help in various everyday jobs. The advantage of such a vacation is that visitors come in contact with a place’s everyday life and assimilate its cultural elements.

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  • Good Reads

    Posted by communispace 5.3.2015
    Good Reads

    If you’re a bookworm you’ll love this web site. It is a social network built on books preferences; it sounds simple and it is. The operation of the site is divided in two phases: In phase one we rate books we have read, a very simple function since we search for books and when what we look for is displayed we simply give it a one to five rating. If we rate more than twenty books the web site uses those ratings to suggest us new titles; the suggestions are a result of other users’ preferences.

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  • res artis

    Posted by communispace 4.3.2015
    res artis

    res artis is an organization for artists seeking to collaborate with cultural organizations; it features collaboration announcements from four hundred organizations and art centers in fifty countries and it was founded in 1993 as a volunteer work and information network aiming to represent art centers that offer such collaboration programs.

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