• LessWrong

    Posted by communispace 8.4.2015

    Eliezer Yudkowsky is an American writer dealing in subjects such as artificial intelligence and singularity. In 2009 he created LessWrong as a web site that would promote ideas related to rationalism; the site is designed as a blog where articles are presented in chronological order and the members of the community contribute by offering their commentary.

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  • Artbook

    Posted by communispace 7.4.2015

    ArtBook is an Internet bookstore specializing in art-related titles; its thematic categories include fields such as architecture, design, photography, music, cinema, fashion, literature, art theory etc. It belongs to Distributed Art Publishers, the biggest American publishing house specializing in art which was founded in 1990 in New York;

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  • Local Harvest

    Posted by communispace 3.4.2015
    Local Harvest

    Local Harvest is an e-marketplace of agricultural products and foods in general that cooperates with small family farms in the USA. The majority of the products available through the site is ecologically cultivated and there is emphasis to the collaboration with farms that promote sustainable development.

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  • PopTech

    Posted by communispace 2.4.2015

    PopTech in an international community of individuals working together on innovative ideas and aiming to improve society; the members of this community come from various fields (technology, design, medicine, sociology, ecology, arts, liberal arts etc.) and the organization’s philosophy is that the most ground breaking solutions occur when people from varying areas and different fields of knowledge collaborate on a common goal.

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  • OpenEndedGroup

    Posted by communispace 1.4.2015

    OpenEndedGroup is a group made up from digital art artists Marc Downie, Shelley Eshkar and Paul Kaiser whose ground breaking approach to digital art is based on three different techniques: non-photorealistic three dimensional rendering, body movement tracking through specialized software and artificial intelligence integration (so art works can function autonomously). The trio’s creations cover a broad spectrum of forms including dance, music, films etc. 

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  • Art bistro

    Posted by communispace 31.3.2015
    Art bistro

    Artbistro is a unique mixture of an information portal and a social networking web site belonging to the network of monster.com one of the biggest international sites about employment. It is one of the most comprehensive arts related web sites available containing an impressive wealth of information and services; 

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  • Artquotes

    Posted by communispace 30.3.2015

    Artquotes, is a site with a very simple; as is obvious by its name, it contains quotations by famous artists. The visitor can either see the most famous quotes by various artists or find a particular artist and see what they might have said that has been etched in history.

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  • Askart

    Posted by communispace 27.3.2015

    The painters’ directory to dwarf all other directories; this is one of those cases that the Internet can leave you completely speechless! And if you think we are exaggerating consider just one number: the site contains information for more than 230.000 artists; this means that if you spend two minutes for each artist’s profile, it will take you about a year to see all of its contents. Yes, it is this big.

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