• Faster, faster!

    Posted by Periklis Vanikiotis 31.3.2014
    Faster, faster!

    Although I’ve been accused for the contrary, I have often found myself debating the merits of technology. And this happened again recently when I came across Spritz  an application promising it can raise our reading speed up to 600 words per minute (as a rule most of us read under 200 words per minute). 

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  • Food and thought

    Posted by Periklis Vanikiotis 3.2.2014
    Food and thought

    Most of us found that out seeing pornography when we were teenagers: after a certain point you become fed up by the constant repetition of the same images. And later we confirmed it when we started travelling and realized that some sights wouldn’t impress us because we had already seen them too much on TV or in films.

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  • Creativity and social messaging

    Posted by Periklis Vanikiotis 28.1.2014
    Creativity and social messaging

    Many years ago I had derided someone for writing that one of the legacies of the 60s was the integration of creative people in the advertising industry. Today, I am a little more tolerant in the particular subject, probably because in the years that followed I had a chance to see from up close some truly creative people trying to function within the advertising world while keeping their dignity and their social sensitivity intact (incidentally, it isn’t at all easy). 

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  • Google and the end of censorship

    Posted by Periklis Vanikiotis 27.11.2013
    Google and the end of censorship

    It might be because of the turmoil created when the leaks of Edward Snowden showed the (albeit reluctant) cooperation between Google (and other Internet companies) with “no such agency” NSA, the US national security agency. Or it might be because his company has become a behemoth and has difficulties convincing people about its “good” profile. 

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  • Will the little bird keep on chirping?

    Posted by Periklis Vanikiotis 11.11.2013
    Will the little bird keep on chirping?

    By now it has become big news even in the mainstream media: Twitter started trading in Wall Street and in a few hours its value (the theoretical, at any rate) has reached 26 billion dollars while its coffers have now 1.8 billion real dollars. Not bad for a company that started seven years ago as a side project for a company called Odeo which is still trying to find its niche. Or maybe it is bad? I am honestly wondering…

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  • Phonebloks: your cellphone –literally

    Posted by Periklis Vanikiotis 6.11.2013
    Phonebloks: your cellphone –literally

    In another website our own Grigoris Miliaresis wonders if there is a chance it will work. But I’ll go a step further and say that I am pretty certain it won’t work because on the one hand the big hardware companies will not support it and on the other, the consumers themselves have gotten used to seeing cellphones as status symbols and have forgotten (thankfully not completely) their usefulness and the fact that by changing them every year, we fill the planet with garbage.

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  • Connecting the planet

    Posted by Periklis Vanikiotis 25.10.2013
    Connecting the planet

    The news was all over the Internet within a few hours: a group of big names from the Internet industry spearheaded by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg (who is also the face of the project) announced “Internet.org” an initiatie that will attempt to create the technical and other conditions needed to connect to the Internet the 4 billion people who are now off it. According to this first announcement, Internet.org’s actions will focus on the creation of both infrastructures (mostly through mobile telephone networks) and entrepreneurial opportunities that will boost the developing economies of the non-connected countries.

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  • For five dollars

    Posted by Periklis Vanikiotis 23.10.2013
    For five dollars

    I find it surprising that (at least as far as I know) it hasn’t played that much in Greek online media. Because Israeli Fiverr is one of the most original and at the same time amusing ideas available on the Internet offering, from what I read, over 3 million “services” (or “gigs”) starting at 5 dollars each, having caught the attention of several investors, having created one of the stronger communities, or more accurately “bazaars” on the Network and being among its 200 most popular web sites. Also, did I mention it is very amusing?

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