about us

Going from TAF / the Art Foundation…

TAF/the Art Foundation began operating in May 2009 with a dual role of an independent space organizing and hosting cultural events related to all forms of artistic production and a point of social gathering for people bearing a new Athenian identity. Within just three years of operation it has become an active space of sociability, in which everyone is welcome to attend, participate or watch events, an open space of assembly and dialogue, accessible to the public, seven days a week, all year round.

Through a process of constant changing and of continuous renewal following current social affairs, TAF made central to its own activity the creation of a platform that promotes participation and co-creation of ideas, highlighting the dialogue between applied and fine arts and the promotion of interdisciplinary research. 

Throughout this three-year course, TAF has showcased a number of activities and cultural values that were based upon creativity, community, diversity and the need for reflection on daily issues; during this period TAF/the Art Foundation has been welcoming an average of 200,000 visitors per year, offering them free access for almost all of its events.

...to metamatic:taf

Three years later, in June 2012, and after a series of collaborations and creative fermentation processes, a new creative enterprise was born: metamatic: The synergy between the TAF team and the metamatic: team formulated a new, expanded team and TAF entered a new phase; in this redefinition context, and aiming to highlight these recent changes, TAF was renamed to metamatic:taf simultaneously expanding  its natural space to the internetworked environment.

Today, metamatic:taf attempts to create the right conditions in order to set up a vibrant online platform that will act as meeting point for contemporary ideas and practices, a place where thought isn’t separated from action and culture is conceived as an everyday activity. At the same time, it offers young people the opportunity to realize their creative ideas and present them to a broader audience, establishing an all-inclusive artistic, educational and entertaining experience.

…to metamatic:taf online

The above intentions have been transferred to the online environment with metamatic:taf’s website being the Internet extension of its priority system. The electronic space of metamatic:taf has kept the orientation of Normanou’s physical space but at the same time it has been receiving feedback from numerous additional considerations and issues. Consequently, the promotion of the physical space’s events isn’t but a small part of the website’s content; its main corpus aims to contribute to the formation of an active communication platform where heterogeneous Internet practices will meet and confer, creating thus a new set of choices that transform the conditions required to renew and re-manage the mundane, the creative and the imaginative production.

Following, are concise descriptions of the fundamental sections of the website that merit further explanation: in the section titled “blogging”, posts about various topics of social, artistic and scientific content are published on a daily basis, while in the section “calendar” you can find select suggestions for cultural or other events in Greece and abroad. Next, there is the section “agents” where we aspire to gather work specimens from remarkable representatives of artistic and creative practices; that is, from the people that are the essential catalysts, the people who are constantly researching and discovering solutions. Finally, in “ #communispace”, you can find mapped a parallel universe of communities from various foci and directions, while this short introduction wouldn’t be complete if we omitted the section “metamatic:commons”; the metamatic:commons mark indicates the spaces where the website’s visitors can actively participate. This point is every section’s, co-creation and co-formulation field where partakers can proffer their proposals, their presentations and their practices. The participants in metamatic:commons, are a vigorous community sharing common concerns, conversing and tendering views and suggestions for the management of the present and the future.